Mike has skydived over 5,200 times. Here are four of those jumps.
This is Mike’s most successful head down skydive, to date, thanks to his friend, Ricardo Soria, who helped him stay stable for the duration of the skydive and caught it all on tape. WARNING: In his excitement, Mike uses profanity at the end.
            SWEET HYBRID JUMP  
Hybrid jump = some skydivers are belly-to-earth and some are freeflying. This 6-way worked well and cameraman Erez Yaron added a nice touch by flipping head down for a spectacular ending. Mike is in the red and yellow jumpsuit.
                      F.D.N.Y. SKYDIVE 
This jump was a photo op after a very successful fund-raising effort by Troy Case, with help from Mike and others. All of the proceeds went to the families of the F.D.N.Y.  firefighters who died on 9/11.
Mike did this jump with his friend, Jolanda, to celebrate her 500th. She lost the inflatable creature at the end of the skydive, but all of the living, breathing creatures made it back to earth safely. Mike is in the red and yellow jumpsuit. Too much fun!!